Brand Match is an online communications platform which allows Brand Managers and Media Planners search for marketing ideas 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. The website hosts an online resource of current sponsorship opportunities across a wide variety of mediums. It delivers this service in a fast and accurate way by allowing the Media Planner to search for the most appropriate opportunity via a comprehensive search criteria.

For Service Advertisers (SA's)

Brand Match allows Media Owners or sellers of Brand Opportunities to upload the essential information about their opportunity. It is important to have your brand opportunity present when Media Planners and Brand Managers are at their planning stages and searching for ideas. Brand Match is an effective tool to help you develop new sponsors and brands fast by allowing you to display your opportunity to the ideal marketing professional. Brand Match is a commission free service meaning that if you reach an agreement with a client Brand Match does not earn a commission nor does it get involved in any negotiations, it is simply a communications platform. Whether you are selling a brand opportunity for a Music Festival - TV or Radio broadcast - Digital - Outdoor - Print or non traditional marketing, Brand Match is the place to advertise!


For Service Users (SU's) 

Brand Match is a very useful tool which can be utilised by Brand Managers and Media Planners at any time. It is a completely free service for users and is designed to save you time. The search criteria at the heart of this website will allow you to identify in real time which opportunities are relevant for your brand. It is also a private service meaning you can explore the opportunities without the seller (SA) being made aware. If you would like to explore an opportunity further, you control how and when you are contacted. The service is designed to obtain the key information from the seller, so no need for reading through pages of PDFs - it is very simple an easy to use. The service also allows you to set up email alerts defined by you.