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18 to 2526 to 3637 to 48
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Rep of Ireland
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TVDigitalSocial Media
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Build AwarenessBrand engagement

Target ABC1 Adults and Housekeepers

A little about the Opportunity

The Seven O’Clock Show airs from Monday to Friday at 7pm – 8pm and is hosted by Martin King and Lucy Kennedy.

Opportunity Description

Every weeknight The Seven O’Clock Show kick starts the evening with a line-up of entertainment, celebrity guests and some of the best real life stories from around Ireland. From Monday to Thursday, Martin King and Lucy Kennedy bring you some of the biggest names in the entertainment

What can this opportunity do for a brand?

Ownership of The 7’ O Clock Show, receiving the following sponsorship credits: Sponsorship of entire show 2 x 10” and 6 x 5” stings per show Launch Photo Call Opportunity to ROTATE the sponsorship stings to incorporate a number of brand messages

Key Opportunity Statistics

The Seven O’Clock Show has reached over 2.4 million Individuals, The main broadcast at 7pm – 8pm averages 44,000 Individuals and the show is much more female and housekeeper skewing versus total TV.

Associated Benefits

Launch photocall Digital and social media support Week long promotions