Most Suitable Sector
Male & Female
Targeted Age
0 to 1226 to 3637 to 48
Suitable Date
01-02-2016 to 01-04-2016
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Which Region
Rep of Ireland
Sport enthusiastsHigh Street ShoppersComedy
Socio Economic
FamiliesMain Shopper
Media Platform
TVDigitalSocial Media
Marketing Type
Your Aim

Saturday Night Family Fun

A little about the Opportunity

Own Family Fun on the weekends

Opportunity Description

Become the exclusive sponsor of Saturday Nights Family Fun with Any & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. This is a rare opportunity to engage with the whole household with a show filled with good old fashioned wholesome family fun. Ant & Dec will again burst onto our screens with a host of crazy pranks, mind-boggling challenges and amazing prizes as well as appearances from some of the globes biggest stars.

What can this opportunity do for a brand?

- Reach the whole family - Shift brand perceptions - Deliver an engaged audience - Be associated with a much loved entertainment brand - Deliver prime time audience

Key Opportunity Statistics

Average viewership 175,000 Ads 15+ Peak 200+ 100" sting time per ep 7 Eps x 90 min duration Full Licensing options for the show brand - Point of Sale in ROI / On pack ROI / ROI domain name web-site (i.e. domain name) & Competition in ROI 15" VOD & Companion MPU Prog Page co-branding

Associated Benefits

Mass audience reach Leverage emotional connection with the show and Ant & Dec Engage with the whole family