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Ultimate Rugby App Sponsorship Opportunity

A little about the Opportunity

Ultimate Rugby is the 'de facto' rugby App in Ireland, brought to you by Brian O'Driscoll.

Opportunity Description

Ultimate Rugby is a dynamic rugby mobile App containing the latest news, real-time live scores, videos, competitions, social media and player interaction for all tier-one Rugby worldwide. There is an opportunity for a brand to sponsor the iOS and Android Apps from Ultimate Rugby and to run bespoke campaigns that incorporate mobile display elements, competitions and social media coverage to this dedicated rugby audience.

What can this opportunity do for a brand?

The brand who avails of this opportunity will be accessing an affluent rugby audience. They will be aligning themselves with content that is relevant and exciting to the rugby masses and will feature in campaign aspects such as push notifications, match chat and social elements. It is the perfect opportunity for a brand to connect with an audience for the complete 2nd screen Rugby experience. Bespoke packages across these exciting Apps can be created upon request. Contact Electric Media today on (01) 232 09 00 to discover what we can do for your brand.

Key Opportunity Statistics

As the top rugby App in Ireland, and backed by Brian O'Driscoll, brands can gain access to approx 3 million page views per month and 100k+ downloads across the iOS and Android App.

Associated Benefits

By leveraging the Ultimate Rugby Apps, brands can connect users via the 2nd screen rugby experience in addition to leveraging team sponsorships by amplifying the interaction between fans. Brands can also personalise the Match Day experience of users and reward them for interactions, as well as run promotions and giveaways across live events. The possibilities are endless- speak to us today on bespoke packages for your brand.