Most Suitable Sector
Targeted Age
26 to 3637 to 4849 to 64
Suitable Date
23-05-2015 to 31-12-2015
0k to 10k
Which Region
SocialisersBusiness professionalsHigh Street Shoppers
Socio Economic
ABC1Main Shopper
Media Platform
Marketing Type
BeautyFood & DrinkFashionLeisure
Your Aim
Build AwarenessNew Launch

Native Content on

A little about the Opportunity

Native Content opportunities on including text, photo and video content, sponsorships and competitions.

Opportunity Description is Ireland’s newest female digital destination targeting Irish women aged 25-45. Positioned as a local site, features incredible content across Fashion, Beauty, Food, Health & Travel for Irish readers. Brands can now tap into this and move beyond sales messaging with native content opportunities available on

What can this opportunity do for a brand?

Native Content allows you to position your brand as one that is in touch with its customers by being associated with engaging, credible and valuable content through a platform that readers trust. All promotional content is designed to fit the look, feel and tone of

Key Opportunity Statistics

Native Content is about giving consumers more reasons to engage with your brand, earning familiarity and trust and building relationships through credible, authentic and value-adding content.

Associated Benefits

Consumers are now more receptive to native content as it adds value to their experience and taps into what they are interested in and digital channels are a focal point for native content strategies. Associated benefits of native content include longer interaction on websites, greater social media sharing and opportunities to move beyond sales messaging which consumers can tune out of